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Individuality and Bullying 

on June 17, 2015

To live in society and be different is oftentimes what attracts bullies to us. We are something outside their norm and; therefore, they are either (1) jealous of us or (2) afraid of us. 

I am different. I always have been. I am an individual who likes who she is and who doesn’t feel the need to follow and emulate others regarding societal fads (i.e., clothing designers). I am also very kind and considerate of others. I embrace the attributes and beliefs of others readily. Not because I am wishing to be swayed one way or other (I have my own opinions, trust me), but because I have an opportunity to learn about the world and why other people’s opinions and beliefs are what they are. What makes us different from one another is just as important (perhaps even more so) as what makes us the same. There is no rule anywhere which states that we must always agree to get along. But, we must be willing to accept that our opinion will not always be the popular opinion. It’s a risk we take in being individuals. That is, of course, if you choose to be an individual.

Now, imagine our world as one great tapestry depicting all the people in it. Each person represents a color upon the tapestry. As royal blue is different from aqua blue, these may belong to the same societal group (blue), but are still individuals painting with a different brush and contributing to the world’s story. In a utopian world, everyone’s brush would matter and the differences in paint would not.

To the bully; however, only their brush holds any significance. They do not want you to use your brush and your color. They want you to use theirs. They are happy to hand you a brush with a tin of their paint and have you conform to them. And, if you refuse, they try hard to paint over your story with one of their own. 

In social media, block and ignore is the best way to refuse their brush. Ignored long enough, the bully will leave and attempt to force their brush upon another person.

To wipe out bullying, we must all understand that the color we are painting with is as important to the beauty of the tapestry as the one next to us. Embrace your individuality and paint with proud strokes upon the canvas. Be kind and considerate with your brush as not to inflict harm upon the brushes around you. Compliment the beauty of the other colors. Each color contributes to the whole. Our tapestry would be less beautiful without all the colors upon it.


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