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Travels With Richard

on July 12, 2015

For a woman who really hasn’t physically been to that many places in her life, I feel like I’ve seen the world.

When Richard Armitage joined Twitter last year, I didn’t expect to be as caught up as I’ve been. I’m certainly as big a fan as anyone else, but I also like to believe I’m grounded in reality, where I live a quiet and unexciting life.

So, when I found myself being swept up in Richard’s travels during the BOTFA tour, I was surprised at how incredibly excited I became. From England to France to Brazil to China, and the plane rides in between, Richard’s pictures and selfies and all his wonderful accompanying descriptors took me on an amazing adventure.

The care he took to document his tour was met with my utmost appreciation. He made each leg of the adventure fun and informative, and I began looking up information about various places he visited to gain an even better idea of each locale; its people, its language, its food (love to try new recipes), and its overall culture. I learned a lot on this adventure, and if Β the opportunity arises to go on another one, I will be ready.

While it may have been a part of his obligation to post general location information as part of drawing attention to BOTFA, he probably didn’t have to take as much care and consideration as he did. The result of him showing so much care (and I hope all his other fans felt this, too) was that I was able to travel to places and see sights I only ever dreamed to visit or see. Seeing it all through the eyes of such a detailed perspective made the adventure very special and fun. In short, I felt I had somehow been allowed to travel with him. Thank you, Richard. Thank you very much. 😊


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  1. Ju1esH says:

    I totally agree! Could have written this myself.

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