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A Touch, An Embrace, and A Kiss

on July 30, 2015

From The Day Is Done by William Wadsworth Longfellow: “…Then read from the treasured volume the poem of thy choice, and lend to the rhyme of the poet the beauty of thy voice…”

I first read “The Day Is Done” when I was only 13 years old. It was tucked in the wondrous pages of a volume of favorite poems given to me by my grandfather. As much as I loved the poem, as many times as I read it, I had never before been presented with an example worthy of those words until I heard Richard Armitage read Classic Love Poems.

I marvel at the changes in the deep baritone of his voice as he reads: softened under the airy love of some phrases, dripping with longing in others; heightened with joy; lowered with mourning. The inflections in his voice transcend the page and take me by the heart as he takes me by the hand. 

Oh, how wonderful it is that Richard should tell me what it is to love! There is always truth in the emotions he reveals, even with just his voice. 

When my day, with all its stress, is done, his voice is like a touch, an embrace, and a kiss:

I tap Play on the Audible App. His arms go around me. I am safe here. His voice in my ear, the words, written by others, that he makes truth. His voice, like a beautiful balm, quiets my mood and calms the cares of my day. I close my eyes, I tilt my head. He leans in close. The musky notes of what must be his scent fills the space around me, and I am transported. Each syllable uttered is a small brush of his lips on mine. His kiss lingers; slowly, masterfully, he takes his time. He steals my breath. He reaches for my soul. He leaves me sighing. He touches my heart. And, when his kiss is spent, he leaves me feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Then, back to reality…with a smile! 😊😌😊


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