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Richard Armitage Week

on August 7, 2015

On August 22, 2014, we became a fandom more blessed. Richard Armitage joined Twitter. He did so on his birthday, and like the beautiful and giving man he is, he gave all of us the gift of connection: with him and with each other.

I met incredible people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I consider these beautiful women my sisters and I honestly cannot imagine my life without them. This past year has been so fulfilling and I have Mr. Armitage to thank.

But how? How do you say “Thank you” and have it mean as much to him as he means to you? My sisters and I thought carefully. When the answer came, it came on the wings of angels.

@RCArmitageWeek was born. Across the week of August 16-22, 2015, we will be celebrating all the things we love about Richard Armitage. His work. His talent. His charities. His kindness. His consideration. His humanitarian efforts. Our gifts to him are our time in watching his work, our money to any or all of his charities (if we have it to give), and our sense of giving back to our own communities. In short, we aim to show him how much he inspires us and how much he is appreciated and loved.

Our slogan is Watch. Give. Volunteer.

Watch his work across the week. Tweet about it. Tell us and him what you love about it. Spend some time with Thorin or Mr. Thornton or John Porter or Harry Kennedy. Mr. Armitage has created a vast store of characters to enjoy!

Give to his charities if you can. Every donation helps, regardless of the amount. Don’t have the money? Give your time. Help out at your local shelter. Visit a nursing home and bring the world to those who can’t venture out to it.

Volunteer in your own community. Help your neighbor; be a big brother/sister. Your friendship and dedication is appreciated more than you may know by those who receive it.

Richard Armitage has inspired this simply by being himself. He is unselfish, generous, warm, and kind. And so, we aim not to give those things back to him, but rather pay them forward in his honor. For his birthday. For his Twitterversary. For every way he inspires us to care and open our hearts to the world around us.

I, for one, cannot wait to get the party started! ❤️❤️ 



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