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A Meeting In The Mind

on August 10, 2015

I was asked today what I would do and say if I were ever lucky enough to meet Richard Armitage.  I’ve covered this topic before, although in a humorous manner in which I measured the introverted and extroverted behaviors within myself.  But, in this case, it struck me that I should be serious. The problem with being serious is that I’m 100 kinds of giddy today, so seriousness just can’t seem to keep hold of me.  So, I move forward past the internal debate of seriousness and just try to laugh at the disaster that would no doubt befall the me who would be tongue-tied, awestruck, and glowing red at full blush!  So, What would I do?  What would I say? I think it would start out normal, anyway.

I’d shake his hand.  I’d say, “Nice to meet you.” (He smiles.  Awesome!  She shoots, she scores a smile! Yay!)

I’d give him a hug. I’d say, “I love you…, I mean, your work.” (I should just stop now.  Right foot firmly placed in mouth.  Needs salt….and pepper! Maybe some ketchup, too! But, me quit? Never!)

I’d smile. I’d say, “I’m in awe.” (Did I just say that?  I followed ‘I love you’ with ‘awe’?  Uh-oh! Warning! Warning! Iceberg right ahead!)

I’d lose control of my emotions and burst into tears. I’d say, “I’m sorry.” (Oh, geez!  Don’t cry, you idiot! Your mascara is going to run down your cheeks and streak your blush so you look like a red raccoon who comes equipped with its own burglar bars!)

So, embarrassed, I’d place my hands over my face and just sob. I’d say, “I’m really sorry.” (I’m pretty sure he’s looking for exit signs to make good his escape at this point!) He might actually be trying to discern whether or not I’m all right; he might even be trying to hand me a handkerchief (being the gentleman he is), but am I looking at him?  No! I’m looking into my palms (dummy)!

I’d get a hold of myself. I’d say, “Thank you for my sisters.” (He looks confused!  He’s not God, at least I don’t think he is.  Or, maybe he doesn’t think he is, but thinks I might think he is….) HELP! (Did I just scream for help or did he?)

I’d take a deep breath. I’d say, “You’ve made a difference in my life for the better.” (Finally! A coherent sentence! But, was he listening or still looking for a way out? Should I repeat this? But, what if he was listening and on top of looking like a burglar bar streaked red raccoon, I’d come across with a parrot soundtrack?!)

Ok, I’d wipe my eyes, I’d take a deep breath. I’d smile. I’d say, “Nice to meet you.  I love your work. Because of you, I met my online sisters.  You’ve made a difference in my life for the better. Thank you, Richard.” (He smiles! Awesome! She shoots, she scores a smile! Yay!)

I walk away on Cloud 9! (Damn, I’m good!)

Feeling very, very silly today! Maybe tomorrow I can be serious. ❤️



2 responses to “A Meeting In The Mind

  1. jholland says:

    ROFL. Well, I did meet him, and it was just exhilarating. I know it was. And I have photo evidence of myself looking highly exhilarated. The trouble is I can’t remember what I said. Even 10 seconds later, I could not remember what I’d said. But now I’m thinking that may actually be a good thing.

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