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3 Theatrical Releases, 3 Extended Edition Releases, and Still in Love with Thorin

on October 14, 2015

In December 2012, I fell in love with Thorin Oakenshield. Falling in love with Thorin was as natural as breathing and I know that having the amazing talent of Richard Armitage bringing him to life made the falling so easy.

Following Thorin has been an amazing journey so when Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition came to theaters, I was not missing out. Last night, I had the privilege of seeing it in New Orleans. 

Like the two previously released extended editions of The Unexpected Journey and The Desolation of Smaug, Battle of the Five Armies was made richer, more surprising, more epic, and more fantastic! 

The extended scenes added to the overall telling of the story, added to the well-timed humor, and added to the tears. I honestly thought I had spent all of my tears over Thorin’s death, but wow was I wrong! A beautiful added scene pulled a sob from me I wasn’t prepared for and not only did I cry harder, I shed tears off and on for the 75-mile journey home. I dreamed about Thorin (sadly not the incredible dream I’ve been dreaming), and awoke to tear-stained pillows, puffy eyes, and broken heart. But I wouldn’t change  a thing! 

After three theatrical releases and three extended edition releases, I’m still as much in love with Thorin Oakenshield as I was in 2012; perhaps even more so. 

I wholeheartedly thank (and blame) Richard Armitage. ☺️


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