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Buffy Brinkley on the Things that Inspire my Life, my Pen, and my Heart.


on October 27, 2015

It was a dare! We were dared to go, by a guy named Johnny McCade, and not a sign of fear did we show, though we were all very much afraid!

The haunted house is where we would meet him; a mansion under an age-old curse; and our chance of survival seemed very slim, for it was there you’d expect the worst!

It was supposed to be haunted by ghosts and ghouls; creatures of fear and fright; and those who entered were thought to be fools; I guess we were the fools tonight!

So my friend, my brother, and I were ready to go all too soon, and we left as the sun was dead to the sky and traveled by light of the moon.

But when we arrived at the gate to that house in the center of night, we guessed we’d arrived too late, for Johnny was nowhere in sight.

We stood there frozen, never knowing we were in for a bumpy ride, and now it was plain it was fear we were showing, but we decided to go inside.

As soon as we entered, the door slammed tight, and we liked to have jumped from our skin; now we were trapped on Halloween night, and it seemed we couldn’t get out again!

Then ghosts and goblins flew from the walls and mummies walked the floor; and we ran to a room down a long mirrored hall and turned the knob on the door.

Now we were really afraid! And we thought that this was the end! But when we opened the door, there stood Johnny McCade and every one of our friends!

They began to laugh as our faces went red; we must have been sights to see! Then all at once, together, they said:


(Story copyright 1989 to Buffy M. Brinkley; I do not own any of the pictures. These were the result of an internet search.  My deep appreciation and thanks to their owners and creators).


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