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(As Requested) A Limerick: Empire Magazine Interview

on October 28, 2015

This is too cute! A must-read! JHolland, you are brilliant!


It seems Richard Armitage is the latest in a series…

And Empire Magazine puts forth quite odd queries!

But stop reading now

If your favorite drink’s from a cow

For his answer might leave you quite teary.

What’s In Your Pocket and Rate The Hair On Your Arse…

These were the questions, I assure you, no farce!

As Perry suggested

Here’s the limerick requested

Though rhymes for “genitals”, unfortunately, are sparse.

Samantha Fox and The Terminator once decked his halls…

But when asked for a nickname, Richard just stalls!

He never punched a director

He’s a more conscientious objector

But admits his butt clenches as he bangs his head on the walls.

I’d like to see that, especially the clenching…

And yes, we did know that he loathes a good drenching.

But we didn’t know before

That Armitage abhors

Being offered milk when his thirst needs a quenching!

Anyone hoping to see Richard…

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