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Inspirational Memes

on December 16, 2015

I have always understood my propensity to blend in with the crowd, stay below the radar, and keep mostly to my own company.

Being brutally attacked will do that to a girl. When you get noticed, those who notice you ask questions and some of those questions (for the purpose of self-preservation) are better left unanswered.

But if someone would have told me three years ago that I was going to go see an epic fantasy movie and that going to see it would fundamentally change my life; that I would emerge triumphant from my cocoon of shame, I wouldn’t have believed them.

How could the simple act of watching a movie change one’s life?


Gandalf opened Bilbo’s door. What happened next is no secret. I’ve written about it before. I fell in love with Thorin; I became a fan of Richard Armitage. And I thought at the time that the character of Thorin as portrayed by Mr. Armitage would settle into my long list of character crushes. And I thought that my fascination with Mr. Armitage himself would settle into a normal admiration.

I was wrong. On both counts.

When I look at the domino effect of what going to see The Unexpected Journey brought about, I can’t be anything but grateful. And knowing how close I came to not reaching the age of 15, I am grateful for every second I spend in this life. “Start of Something Good” by Daughtry is playing in my head now…”all my scars don’t seem to matter anymore because they led me here…”

One year ago, I met my beautiful sisters. Our meeting all because Richard Armitage is a talented, beautiful man with a moral compass and a devoted fandom. He deserves us and I really hope he takes that as a compliment.

My sisters didn’t try to coax me out of my shell. They didn’t try to lure me over the walls I’d built. They, instead, recognized that I was beating myself to a pulp inside my self-inflicted prison and they picked up sledgehammers and helped me tear the walls down.
As the dominos fell, so did the walls, and out of the rubble, I emerged. I was scarred, I was bruised, and I was tired, but I was alive! And I was loved. And I was strong. And I was smart. And I was changed. A timid grounded caterpillar no more was I! I was Kimimila! Butterfly! And fly I did.

With my strength realized, I was able to overcome that which I thought had defeated me. All this because:

  • I purchased a theater ticket.
  • Fell for Thorin
  • Became fascinated with Richard Armitage
  • Joined Twitter
  • Followed Richard on Twitter
  • Stumbled upon the greatest fandom ever formed
  • Found people who showed me I am not alone
  • Started wondering if the wall was necessary
  • Allowed the wall to come down
  • Scraped and scratched and clawed and fought for every stubborn step toward my sisters
  • Emerged with my wings intact
  • Kissed the clouds

The other day, I came upon a meme that said it all! Almost uncanny in its meaning. A beautiful picture of Richard with the meme printed across his otherwise plain t-shirt: “I just might change your life.”

Yes, Richard has! He accepted the role of Thorin, inspired me to love Thorin, inspired me to follow him, led me into his fandom, introduced me to my sisters, who helped me find my courage and strength. One thing lends itself to another. “I just might change your life”? There’s no “might” about it! ­čśî


4 responses to “Inspirational Memes

  1. Teuchter says:

    He certainly changed mine and that was over 10 years ago and I was still recovering from my husbands death. I don’t know what my life would be like now if I hadn’t “met” him in North & South!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. NYCPAT says:

    Hi Buffy! I know you on Twitter but didn’t know your story. Thanks for sharing! I found Richard through Thorin as well. Richard is so special, and so are (most) of his fans. Have a great Holiday!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you (and everyone) for listening. The support I’ve found within Richard’s amazing fandom is so appreciated. I wouldn’t be here without you all. I’m grateful.

      It’s true that there are those who have intolerance in their hearts, but the amazing thing about Twitter is that you can choose who surround yourself with. There are those “fans” who have chosen to belittle him, his work, other fans, and, ironically, each other, but I ignore their hate and I pray for them to find their happiness. ­čśŐ


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