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Cancer 2 / World 0 (or, Reduced to Tears and Feel Like Screaming!)

on January 14, 2016

So, I have the Flu….again! Not that this doesn’t suck ass all by itself, but woke to the news that Alan Rickman was taken from us by cancer, the biggest effing bully on the playground! Memories of watching my uncles succumb to this relentless piece of $#*% (that can take so many forms) and feeling so powerless to stop it are strangling my heart at the moment!

First, David Bowie. Now, Alan Rickman. And three of my best friends are still in the battle. 

I say to my friends, my sisters, fight! Fight! FIGHT! This mofo isn’t stronger than us! I say to the doctors: GIVE US THE CURE NOW! Figure out how to get rich off it later! Let your conscience overrule your mortgage! 

I enjoyed David Bowie’s music and style enough to say how sorry I am that he’s no longer with us, but I am truly devastated over Alan Rickman. Mr. Rickman was one of my favorite actors of all time. He filled every space he occupied with a kind of brilliance that is very rare in this world. The first time I saw him, he was playing Hans Gruber to Bruce Willis’s John McClane. I knew then, at 16 years of age, that I was seeing someone very special. A year or so later, I saw him in Truly Madly Deeply, and he brought forth a tenderness and a lovely kind of humor that was such a contrast to the villains he had become so well-known for in the United States. If I hadn’t fallen completely in love with him then (which I did), I certainly fell for his portrayal of Colonel Brandon in Sense & Sensibilty. His filmography is a long list of films I love and his accomplishments as an actor and as a person will continue to garner my admiration and respect for as long as I live. 

As I saw it written earlier today on Facebook: “Wands Up! In memory of Professor Snape.” 



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