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WKRA in Fantasy Fangirl Land

on February 1, 2016

This past week I was a DJ.  I’ve never DJ’d in my life, but always wanted to give it a go.  I broadcasted from my Armitage Archangels’ fan page on Twitter (@RA_Archangels) as WKRA in Fantasy Fangirl Land.  Three words: It was FUN!

During the week, those who tuned in to my “show” celebrated Richard Armitage with me in fun and respectful ways. Together, we acknowledged how we became fans of this glorious man, how his work has touched our lives, and how he brought us all together. Everyone’s opinion was valid and anyone was welcome to participate.

We are truly a diverse group of people.  We represent various races, ages, religions, world regions, languages, and cultures. But in this forum, discussing this man, all barriers drop. The differences between us do not matter. We celebrate them because we have an opportunity to learn from one another. There are no boundaries, no lines drawn in the sand, no discriminations, and no prejudices. Richard is a bridge that connects us all and we meet each other in peace and respect.

I will be honing my DJ skills again during Valentine’s week, and I know I’ll continue to believe as I did last week, and every day leading up to it: We are proof that people of different cultures, religions, and races can come together and relate to one another without fear or hatred or prejudice or discrimination. In this, I believe there’s hope for the rest of the world. Perhaps all the rest of the world needs to do is erect “bridges” of their own across borders and territories. And perhaps all those bridges should be called Richard Armitage. ­čśŐ



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