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It’s A Shame…REALLY!

on February 17, 2016

Tell me: why is it so easy for some to forget that famous people are, actually, people? Being famous hasn’t changed the fact that each of them is a person. Like you. Like me. They have their faults, they have their idiosyncrasies, they have their problems. The major difference between us and them seems to be that our problems and faults and idiosyncrasies are mostly aired out and dealt with in private while theirs mostly happen in full public view. So, imagine handling the best and worst moments of your life with everyone watching you. Do you really want a camera in your face when you give birth to your child? Do you really want a camera in your face when you’re so sad, you cannot contain the tears you try to hold back? The list goes on into infinity, but strap on some empathy and let’s take a look at the world around us for a moment.

Over the weekend, Stephen Fry quit Twitter.  Why?  Because he told a joke. Okay, so it was an inside joke (he and the person he aimed it at understood it, were fine with it, and life went on), but those who didn’t understand, and were not meant to understand, leaped into a tizzy and began roasting Mr. Fry over a pyre of their own. Now, Mr. Fry, who has otherwise been a great source of positivity and goodness has been driven from the very platform he could use to spread the most positivity and do the most good. It’s a shame….REALLY!

At the end of the day, we’re all in the same boat.  We’re all human beings. No matter where we’re from, what we look like, what language we speak, what job we have, what religion we practice, or what world region we represent. Our personalities are different, our senses of humor are different.  We are not always going to understand what each other mean at first.  So, instead of flying off the handle, jumping to conclusions, and becoming overly aggressive and ultimately clumsy rescuers of someone who doesn’t need (or want) to be rescued, let’s please ask questions. All anyone had to do was ask her and wait for her response.  Then, everyone would have known it was a harmless joke. Perhaps not in the best of taste (as with most comedians), but still harmless.  Celebrities have feelings, too, but we’re conditioned not to believe it (i.e., ANY attorney commercial, “I’m not an actor, I’m a REAL person…”).

Please keep in mind that perception is a double-edged sword.  It is a very dangerous thing. It’s fatal.  And, you’re just as likely to cut yourself as the person you’re swinging it at. If you’re like me (and I know you are), you’ve made mistakes. You can trust me that I’ve learned this lesson well enough to validate this claim. Be careful how you handle it. It’s very, very sharp.


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