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One of Those Scooby-Doo Moments!

on February 26, 2016

Someone my sisters and I believed to be a trusted friend has been smearing my name and the names of my sisters across Twitter.  We’re entirely uncertain what has prompted her to tell lies about us or to take conversations we’ve had, pull them totally out of context, and twist them around for her own satisfaction, but we are here to say three things:

  1. We are not the mean, judgmental, contemptible, horrible people she says we are.
  2. We are as completely kind, intelligent, and generous as we seem.
  3. Regardless of what she says or does, she will never be able to keep us from being who we are.

Why is she doing this? That is the 64 million dollar question.  We have no idea why one of the former original members of our group would do this. We were as surprised and shocked as anyone. My sisters and I have been nothing but kind to her. But, like all people who harbor hatred behind an angel’s face, she fooled us…until now. We won’t go into detail since ousting her as the lying, conniving, sniveling little pretender she is will only hurt others, but we fear everyone she associates with will all learn in time.  As for the Armitage Archangels, now that she has been identified for who and what she is, her power over the situation is now gone. She’s had a good run of it for quite some time, it seems, but now it’s over. The truth is out. And liars cannot stand against the truth no matter how hard they try.

If she ever reads this, we have a message for her: you LOST!  And, furthermore, you will lose again. To everyone and everything you try to pit against us. To everyone and everything you try to pit others against. You’ve already lost much more than you bargained for. We doubt it was worth it!


3 responses to “One of Those Scooby-Doo Moments!

  1. Very well put little sister, very to the point and diplomatic better than I would’ve done. I love you love you love you and again awesome job

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  2. Irish Witch says:

    I am sorry that someone has chosen to do this to you. I do not approve of anyone being mean or nasty to another person as I have been the “object” of such before,( for being. looking different) I know how it feels to be betrayed and the “target” . The only thing that saved me was I was taught to not worry what other people thought of me ( even so, it still hurt, but I just never gave them the satisfaction of knowing) and carried on. Anyone who truly knows you will not believe it, anyone who is a true friend will back you and stick up with you 100%. True friends never desert you no matter what and those are the people you want around you. As you said she LOST and she will never regain it back and as time goes on the loss will become heavier and heavier. Karma is a Bit**, but it always comes back to you – and she will be repaid in kind. Just let it go and be the kind person you are and continue to bring happiness to those that enjoy being a part of your life. I have joined into the Archangels and it is a lovely room full of nice people and they support each other. Keep it up and Go for it.

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    • Thank you. We have let it/her go. And we’ll never revisit the subject of her again. But, we also do not know who she’s spread her hatefulness to and wanted to set the record straight. This will be the last we have to say.

      I appreciate your kind reply and for sharing your insight. It means a lot. 😊


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