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It’s Very Simple

on February 27, 2016

I stand by my morals, my convictions, and my values. I’m not here to squabble over Richard Armitage. I’m here to celebrate him. If you don’t like how I do that, there’s the door. You are free to go at any time. I’ll even hold it open for you.

It’s my page and if you want to respond to anything on it, you will be respectful. To Richard, to me, and to everyone else. My page is public. Younger people may see it. And they have always been welcome because I run a respectful page free of the blatant sexual and disrespectful rhetoric I see on so many others.

When that kind of thing started infiltrating my page and I got tagged on it and I saw Richard tagged on it, I put my foot down and laid down the law for my page and mine alone. You may build your own page and post as much distasteful stuff on it you want.

I. Don’t. Care. That’s on you.

But you won’t do it on my page. Now, there it is. You can like it or not. Stay or go. Unfollow. Block. Ignore. You can be sure I’ll be using these tools a lot more in the future myself!

Spring is nearly here. Time to clean house! 😊


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