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When Dreams Make Grief Harder…

on June 20, 2016

In dreams, I walk with you and we talk about the weather; blue skies or gray, it’s no matter I say, as long as we are together.

Your arm around my shoulders, makes my life complete my friend; I’ve missed you so, oh where did you go? And will you leave again?

We talk until the sunrise and you pull me into your embrace; it’s goodbye for now and I wonder how I’ll do outside this place.

It’s hard to breathe without you here and I miss you like no other; the sun starts to rise and I open my eyes and cry for I’ve lost you again my brother.

During these moments I am thankful for the collective strength my beautiful sisters share and the inspiration that is Richard Armitage. Sometimes, I just need my sisters to hug me and a gorgeous man to distract me! I’m thankful on both counts. It’s been a hard morning…


2 responses to “When Dreams Make Grief Harder…

  1. Maxine Vurley says:

    Oh Buffy your poem made me cry it’s so beautiful and as one of your proud sisters, I will send you a hug whenever you need one and one look at a Richard Armitage smile can only cheer you up. XXX

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