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Just My Opinion

on June 26, 2016

I am a proud Richard Armitage fan, well-wisher, and Twitter follower. I love this man’s work. I truly believe he is the greatest actor of my generation. My obsession–my only obsession with him–is to see all of his work. If he stars in so much as a chewing gum commercial, I want to see it. If he also directs the commercial, I want to see it twice. There are only two other actors in the world I feel the same way about: Kevin Spacey and Michael Fassbender.

So, when Richard begins tweeting about things and people not having to do with his work, I ignore for the most part–it’s his opinion and has nothing to do with me as a fan, a well-wisher, or a follower. Running a fan site, I do try to collect his tweets as a service to those who follow me. It doesn’t mean I always agree with him, but his opinion on politics has no bearing at all on his talent. What I try to comment on is my opinion of his state of heart. More often than not I believe his heart is in the right place. I believe he is intelligent and empathetic. I believe he is kind and humble. But, I also believe he has his days.

This week, I caught a side of him I’d never seen before. My empathy leads me to believe that, faced with the unknown, he–like so many others–is scared–and angry (but I think mostly scared), whether he or any of the others will admit it. His livelihood depends on him being able to travel around the world for work. This vote–other than possibly rendering mute his message regarding being European–may restrict his ability to travel to and work in some areas. It also may make traveling for work more dangerous for him depending on what happens next. Of course, all of this is my own opinion and highly dependent on two very important words: possibly and may.

The truth is that no one truly knows what is going to come of this vote. At least not yet. 

The human race is very resilient. And, I like to believe that at the heart of each person lies a desire to see the world a better place, even if no one quite knows how to define it or achieve it. Whether you are on the side of Remain or Brexit; Clinton or Trump, things will most likely not be as good or as bad as anyone might think.

Eventually, this decision and the US presidential election will impact the world at large. My hope is that there will be good to come out of it for both sides. Time will tell.

In the meantime, here’s what I know for certain: Things are far from being as bad as they could be. I have faith that we will all get through this together. ­čśŐ


One response to “Just My Opinion

  1. Julia says:

    I think the last reason he tweeted last 2 or 3 weeks about Brexit is that he scares he can be restricted to go to some places in Europe to work. At least such restrictions as visa obtaining nessesity always can be handled by the respecrive crew hired for such purposes by the actors’ employers. He is a citizen of his country, Brexit is bringing huge changes in UK, maybe good , maybe bad or both of them . I think he can worry about future of his country as you about the future of your country as me about the future of country. He is a human like we all. Just my opinion .

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