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So Proud To Be A Citizen of Louisiana 

on August 18, 2016

Thought I’d share some positivity in the wake of tragedy. In the past week, I have witnessed heroes in the form of ordinary citizens. Nearly a week ago, record flooding made a horrific impact on the State of Louisiana. Citizens who have never seen flooding in their areas (I’m one of them) saw their houses flooded by the Comite and Amite Rivers. In one community in particular, over 105,000 of the 135,000 citizens lost their homes, their vehicles, and their livelihoods. Whole populations have been displaced and a great many of them were rescued when waters suddenly rose around them.

The National Guard came in to assist with rescue and recovery efforts, but before they arrived, ordinary citizens took to their own boats, their own more capable vehicles, and began pulling their neighbors and complete strangers to safety. Businesses that were spared opened their doors as shelters. Citizens took in family, friends, neighbors, and strangers into their homes.

Those who couldn’t take people in volunteered their time at the shelters, bringing food, water, blankets, and other items they could spare. Trapped by flood waters for several days, my family and I cooked for our neighbors and helped those worse off than ourselves. We were blessed in comparison to so many others and we extended our prayers beyond our neighborhood to those souls.

The battery-powered radio we all gathered around reported heroes around our State, rescuing people they’d never met, extending a helping hand where they could. Kindness in the face of tragedy, generosity in the face of losing everything, and hope in the face of destruction is a beautiful example of the kind of people Louisiana citizens are. I’m so proud of my State.

What is sad is that you won’t see this on the national news beyond a blip. Reports about the indomitable human spirit doesn’t seem to be sensational enough for them. What you might hear about is the handful of people who looted a few stores, and (maybe) the tragic drowning deaths of a few of our citizens.

You may or may not be interested, but this is what has been happening during the ridiculous riots in Wisconsin, and the idiotic semantic battles between Trump and Clinton.

There are true heroes in this world. From where I sit tonight (safe in my home that was mostly spared), it looks like a lot of them live in Louisiana. ❤️

(Pic Source: Google. This hero rescued this woman and her dog who were trapped inside her car as it sank into the flood waters. This is one of many examples. Here is the incredible video: Click Here to Watch (Source: YouTube ❤️).

Louisiana Heroes


One response to “So Proud To Be A Citizen of Louisiana 

  1. Tessa says:

    God bless you all as you battle back from this devastating flood..God Bless those that were in the right place at the right time to assist and save those in need..We Americans are a hardy bunch, and I know those in Louisiana will come back stronger, more determined than ever to recover from this..I am glad you are okay Buffy, but saddened that the baffoons grab the headlines, while the heroes, the survivors carry on and take care of business..God Bless

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