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The Heart of Life

on October 4, 2016

“You know it’s nothing new
Bad news never had good timing
But then the circle of your friends
Will defend the silver lining”
–John Mayer, “The Heart of Life”

On this day, 44 years ago, I became part of this world. And, while a great many things have changed about the world and my own point of view, this one thing holds true: friends make life better.

Friends are the laughter which conquers tears, the smile which conquers sadness, and the hug which conquers loneliness.

I am a blessed person. Cheers to my sisters, too numerous to count, who accept me and love me for who I am, and who expect me to be nothing more (or less) than myself. Thank you! I love you!

It’s been a fantastic 44th birthday! ❤️


4 responses to “The Heart of Life

  1. Robyn Barr says:

    How right you are Buffy, friends are wonderful; those we’ve never met, but “get” us anyway, laugh with us, cry with u, comfort us and pray for us in times of need. Glad your birthday was a lovely day for you. Much live xxx


  2. Andrea Númellóte says:

    Happy, slightly belated, birthday! 😀

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  3. Maxine Vurley says:

    Everything you said is true Buffy, what would we do without our friends and sisters, always there to fight our corner, to comfort us when we’re sad and to make us laugh….uncontrollably at times. The world would be a much sadder place without them all. Cheers! to many more Happy Birthdays little sister, love you lots xxx

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