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Love, Love, Love. Richard Armitage. And, the Stage Door.

on October 30, 2016

I’ll start with first impressions: I hated the play when I read it. I couldn’t see humor in it. I thought Richard Armitage had lost his mind! I thought, Geez, Richard, if you’ve got it in you to say “No” to a project, why couldn’t it be THIS one?! I didn’t understand. And, in some ways, I still don’t. That would take going to see it. And, at first, I couldn’t justify spending hundreds (maybe even over a thousand) dollars to see a play I hated when I read it, even if one of my favorite actors in the universe was in it. That, of course, didn’t stop me from promoting it, retweeting all information about it, or wishing everyone much success with it. The play is, after all, still the work of one of my favorite actors in the universe!

Then, I started reading reviews and watching fan reactions and cast assessments, and I thought that I might try to go anyway. Fate stepped in and handed me family circumstances which made it impossible to go at that time, and now, it’s too late for me to try to go (circumstances being what they are). That’s my reality.  Do I regret it? Yes. And, no. Yes, because I will have missed out on seeing Mr. A slay it on stage. No, because I’m still not sure I’d actually enjoy it. Still, regrets or not, I’ve missed and lost any chance of seeing the play at all.

So, from where I sit, those of you who actually got to go and sit for a few hours watching our guy kill it on stage had a wonderful experience right there. Be grateful is all I can say because there are so many others who won’t get to experience what you’ve already experienced. There are some who couldn’t even entertain the idea (as I did) of going in the first place. And there are some of you who have seen it several times.

So, when I read tweets and Facebook posts lamenting about how little interaction (or none at all) that some of you got with Richard, I find it somewhat irrational. Stage Door is a bonus, if he decides (or is allowed) to do it at all. None of us know where the Stage Door decision lies. It might not be his decision. I would imagine all of that to be the decision of security on the night.  And, when he does Stage Door, please keep in mind that he may not be in charge of how fast or slow the proceedings go (furthermore, he would never ever have the kind of time to spend with each person that any of us would truly want).  So, if he whizzed by you and signed something but didn’t take a selfie, or he took a selfie but didn’t sign your playbill, or if he missed you entirely, but you were still close enough to get a whiff of his cologne, or even if you were too far away to get a whiff, but you still stood in the vicinity, then I say mission accomplished! We all know what a kind person he is. And any disappointment you felt lives on only in a “what-if.” Think of all those who want to go but cannot. Be grateful you could! Let go of the what-ifs! At least you were there! 😀

“Love, Love, Love” is currently being performed at the Roundabout Theatre in New York! It stars #RichardArmitage, #AmyRyan, #AlexHurt, #ZoeKazan, and #BenRosenfield. See it, if you can. I hear it’s amazing! 


8 responses to “Love, Love, Love. Richard Armitage. And, the Stage Door.

  1. Maxine Vurley says:

    Lovely, honest & true sentiments Buffy and I’m sure that someday you WILL get to see Richard on stage in a production that you really love xx

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  2. Violet says:

    I feel as if you wrote the post I had stored in my heart, because I feel exactly the same way. I actually threw the book in the trash. Me – the one who worships at the altar of books! It’s good to know I’m not alone in my feelings about this play and everything else you mentioned. Thank you!

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  3. Wendy Butler says:

    I loved reading the play and enjoyed it, maybe not Sandra but her daughter really nailed her generation. I had a ticket that I gave back to Roundabout as I could not get a direct flight from Australia. The only one available would have taken 36 hours via Doha. I also read those comments with a little sadness we should have no expectations. Of RCA except the best performance that he can give. I did not detect these comment at the Old Vic. My impression is that this audience was much younger and maybe going to theatre for first time. I do hope that you get to see RCA one day he has a marvellous stage presence.

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  4. nellindreams says:

    You’re absolutely right, Buffy! The play is the thing – no, in this case, the performance is the thing! It was a blast to see him on stage 3 times! The whole cast does a great job! Everything else is a bonus!

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  5. eahad says:

    i only saw The Crucible download, but i cried all through out, so if LLL is crappy, i will still enjoy, might see it in NY soon.

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    • I feel that others will enjoy it very much. In fact, most of what I’ve heard about the play itself is good and everything I’ve heard about the performances is wonderful. I was only speaking of my first impressions after reading the play. I do hope you’ll give it a chance. 😊


  6. Tessa says:

    I was blessed to see this man in the play twice, I sincerely hope he does more here in the NYC theater..The first time, I watched him more than anyone, so the second time was even more enjoyable as I noticed everyone else, and their acting abilities. I thoroughly enjoyed both experiences…I was also blessed to experience the Stage Door on our second trip..I must say he was chatty, jovial, kind and smelled divine…He was all too happy to sign my Wee Thorin and playbill and take pictures as he was with all of us that afternoon..That in itself surprised me knowing Berlin Station was premiering that night….I was grateful for the opportunity to just see him standing in front of me, it was like a dream

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