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Ask Your Doctor About Richard Armitage!

on December 15, 2016

Breaking News: As promised, pharmaceutical company Dream Dynamics has mass-produced the mood stabilizer/enhancer Richard Armitage just in time for the stressful holiday season!

With the tall, dark, and handsome wonder drug in short supply during this past year and with the utter failure and FDA ban of over-the-counter Rickitage, women around the world have been waiting with bated breath for Richard Armitage to become available again.

The announcement, made in a public service address about a month ago has sparked a rise in doctors’ appointments being made around the world.

This time, Dream Dynamics is ready for the demand. 


If your head is hurting, work is boring, and your boss you’d like to kill; don’t worry or fret, there’s a remedy yet! Just reach for this little pill!

If you’re feeling down, life is blue, and your friends just aren’t as fun; there is a way to brighten your day! Richard Armitage, he’s the one!

A pill a day will raise you up to mountain tops and peaks, but note the small print on the package sent; there’s side effects you should read.

It’ll make you smile, smile real big–even when you should frown; funeral parlor’s a “no” with RA to go, and addiction’s a merry-go-round. It’ll spark your libido, it’ll cause you to faint, it’ll regulate how you feel. So touch your fingers to your nose first, then say the alphabet in reverse before you get behind the wheel.

Ask your doctor if RA is right for you and follow directions to the letter; you’ll be happier and show it before you know it, and life will be so much better!

So this instant, don’t wait, don’t hesitate! Don’t dilly, dally, or delay! Call your doctor for the bill, get your prescription filled, and have a Happy Holiday! 

(Pic source: Ann Boudreau Art, Facebook)


One response to “Ask Your Doctor About Richard Armitage!

  1. Robyn Barr says:

    OMG Buffy, you made me smile, even without the RA pill. LOVE IT XXOO


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