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Digital Theatre: The Solution In Laymen’s Terms

on September 14, 2017

Hello Friends:

Since Digital Theatre changed their website to a subscription streaming service, those of us who purchased plays under the old website have been worried that our purchases would fall into oblivion and would only be available if we subscribed.

There’s also been a lot of confusion about how Digital Theatre planned to make things right with those of us who purchased plays. They’ve released several notifications regarding their plans, but there was still some confusion regarding how this would happen.

I’m here to spell it out for you (and hopefully Digital Theatre won’t mind).

I was one of the many who purchased “The Crucible” and other plays. Those of us who are Richard Armitage fans have been lamenting for a while now about whether or not we would have access to this magnificent play again without having to shell out additional monies. The answer is Yes. We will have access without having to subscribe.

I’ve been in contact with one of Digital Theatre’s customer service representatives.  She has been more than helpful in getting my account straightened out.  I had a few issues:

(1) I couldn’t subscribe. My account wouldn’t let me.

(2) When I was able to log in, I then only had access to the “trailers” for the plays and not the plays themselves.

(3) When I subscribed under a different email, the plays would not play across all my devices.

So what did Digital Theatre do?

(1) First, I contacted Digital Theatre through their Contact Us forum.

(2) Rebekah was more than helpful and explained that when I tried to log in to subscribe from my original account, the system tried to create a new account and this tied up my username.  She fixed that by resetting my password and clearing out the duplication. (NOTE: I created a second account under a different email address and subscribed to their streaming service.  I’ve left that account as is, as I thought I would have them correct the issues regarding my purchases on my original account and use the streaming account if I should wish to see all of the DT works.  The good news is that if I should ever decide to cancel my subscription, the purchases on my original account will be available).

(3) I was not clicking on the right link to allow the plays to play across my devices.  I’ve since discovered my error and now, under the streaming account, I can play all plays and content offered through DT across any of my devices.

(4) Rebekah explained that Digital Theatre is systematically restoring ALL purchases to customer accounts who purchased plays prior to the website change. This is happening albeit slowly, but surely.  When she asked if I was happy to wait, I simply asked that she go ahead and restore my purchases since she was already working on my account. Within 24-36 hours, the plays were restored.  I now have full access to the plays I purchased prior to the website change. If your customer service representative asks the same question, you may just want to ask them to proceed rather than make you wait. But, know that your purchases will be restored as quickly as possible.

(5) Once restored, I noticed that the “Rental” expiration date was set about a decade into the future.  I asked if that date would automatically reset itself to another future date or if I would need to contact DT again.  I have been assured that the date will reset itself automatically.  So, I will have access to my purchases for the life of my account.

A lot of us freaked out when the change occurred, thinking that we had somehow been cheated out of what we’d paid for.  This is not the case.  Digital Theatre is working diligently to restore all purchases.  Just keep a close watch on the correspondence they send you if you’re working with a customer service representative.  They will give you options.  At least Rebekah did.  And, I thank her wholeheartedly.

So, take heart, friends! All will be restored as quickly as possible.  The difference, it seems is that the plays will have to be viewed through the website rather than through an app.

–Buffy 🙂


4 responses to “Digital Theatre: The Solution In Laymen’s Terms

  1. Tessa says:

    I am working with Rebekah now, and have tried to click on “purchase history” but it takes takes me nowhere…I am waiting on her response as she has assured me that I will be able to access my purchases….Its been frustrating to say the least, but I hope to get my issues resolved soon…I will never purchase like this again, I much prefer to have the DVD in hand I must say, but I’m an old fashion type girl anyway…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tessa says:

    Took three weeks to resolve mine, but it seems they are moving right along with correcting the issues….However, that being said, if I cannot get a DVD version of anything, I’m not buying it…..


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