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on November 5, 2017

I don’t usually review my experiences with restaurants on my blog.  I tend to do that strictly on their websites UNLESS it is spectacularly good or unforgivably bad.  In this case, I’m afraid this review will fall on the unforgivably bad side of the spectrum.

My family and I have been ordering burgers from Sonic for as long as I can remember. The food is generally good and the service is usually helpful.  I say “usually” because it’s only about 75% of the time.  Well, today, I hit my limit with the other 25% of the time!

When I go to a restaurant of any kind (sit-down, fine dining, cafe, drive-thru), I expect great customer service and a certain degree of competence, at least where the menu and the options afforded to the customer are concerned.  So, when I order something PLAIN, I expect nothing more on the bread than meat and cheese.  When I order something fully-dressed with their Mustard option, I expect a burger with mustard (NO MAYO) lettuce, pickles, onions, and tomatoes. So, when I order burgers, fries, tots, and drinks in a variety of ways, I expect to get what I ordered, exactly as I ordered it.  WHAT OTHER PURPOSE DO YOU SERVE, SONIC, IF NOT TO PRESENT TO ME WHAT I ORDERED, HOW I ORDERED IT? AND, REALLY! HOW HARD IS IT? It’s NOT Rocket Science! Otherwise, my burger would be prepared by physicists and aerospace engineers, not pimply-faced high school students! The carhop was pleasant, but not pleasant enough to overrule my dissatisfaction.

So, my trust that Sonic is actually run with any measure of competence on a corporate level was severely tested today.  Sonic receives an “F” in full for the execution of my order! And, here’s why:

  1. Carhop brought order out, explained order.
  2. I announced order was incorrect.
  3. Carhop apologizes and takes bag back inside.
  4. Carhop returns with bag, explaining all has been corrected by kitchen.
  5. I get home. Guess what?! ORDER IS WRONG!!! AGAIN!

And, as today’s mishap is yet another in a long line of screw-ups from them, and which now drops them below 75% overall trustworthiness, Sonic has now been expelled from my list of restaurants to visit in the future.  I’ve expelled restaurants for less and I suppose this was a long time coming. If you, dear reader, make the decision to trust your local Sonic Drive-In for your next meal, –even if your carhop announces your order correctly–I’d recommend a full bag-check before heading home!


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