The Wandering Poet

Buffy Brinkley on the Things that Inspire my Life, my Pen, and my Heart.

Buffy Brinkley – The Wandering Poet

Writer and Poet

Author of “Nine Lives,” “The Blazing,” “The Manor,” “Chimeras,” “There Are No Monsters Here,” “Poetry:Unbound,” and numerous other poems, stories, and novels. Published, but not famous

Culinary Master – If someone will let me taste it, I can make it (I might even improve on it). Gordon Ramsey would make me cry (I’m sure of it!), but I would at least win the ‘best palate’¬†challenge of Hell’s Kitchen.

Quote Collector – My favorite is: “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot

Puzzle Solver – Bring on the cryptoquotes, jumbles, and crosswords!

Total Fangirl of Richard Armitage, Kevin Spacey, and Michael Fassbender! [I might have wanted to put this tidbit first on my list of things that define me, but I was all of those other things before I was a fangirl. Sorry guys! ;)]